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FSX-SE and Prepar3D problems Crimson 16.1 hotfix

Question asked by campospinto on Jan 20, 2016

OS Windows 10 64  1511  10586.63

Card R9 280 3gb Ddr5 Dd Radeon

Boost 933m Pci-e Xfx R9280atdfd



About FSX SE, nothing works:

Problem [84112] FRTC unresolved.

Antialiasing, "Replace Application Settings" does not.

Anisotropic filtering mode "Replace Application Settings" does not.

The options can be changed in the Crimson, but does not produce the desired effect.


Old Catalyst driver solved some problems when changing application language to English, if used Catalyst OS language problems arose, but the Crimson has no option to change language.


About Prepar3D

Problem [84112] FRTC unresolved.

P3D for other functions are not used