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Accell DP to Dual-Link DVI not keeping 3840x2160 on restart

Question asked by viperepiv on Jan 20, 2016

Have the following setup:

HP z640 - Windows

AMD W8100 - 15.201.2401-whql-firepro-retail

(3) Accell UltraAV B087B-002B DisplayPort to DVI Dual-Link adapter


Outputting to:

(3) Datapath VisionDVI-DL single channel PCI express dual-link DVI capture card - Datapath Limited - VisionDVI-DL Capture Cards


Desired final configuration is 3x1 Eyefinity with each screen running 3840x2160 30Hz


Currently have machine running desired configuration, but when machine is restarted resolution is downgraded to 3200x1800 per screen and 3840x2160 is not listed to be available.


The only method that has worked to get 3840x2160 per screen to work is the following:

- remove (2) connections

- with only (1) connection reinstall the drivers and reboot machine

- upon restart, 3840x2160 is available again

- add other 2nd connection and set to 3840x2160

- add 3rd connection and card re-enables 3x1 Eyefinity with each display at 3840x2160 30Hz


All Datapath VisionDVI-DL "monitor" devices show Maximum Resolution as 3840x2160, even when the highest offered is 3200x1800


Is there somewhere (registry, application, etc.) that can force 3840x2160 so the computer can be restarted without loosing its configuration and higher resolution choice.