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Disable Crossfire Completely

Question asked by matchbx on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by matchbx

I've tried searching here in the forums and can't find a solution. 


First off, I'm not a gamer just a developer who likes lots of monitors.


I have a dell precision with dual W5100's, running windows 10 with 5 monitors connected.  The Control Center Software was NOT installed and I was able see 5 monitors (3 on plugged into one card and 2 into the other).  I installed the Control Center Software (big mistake) to solve a different issue and when I did it looks like Crossfire Support was enabled.  I didn't see a way to disable it in the Control Center.  I've uninstalled the Control Center and it still looks and acts as if Crossfire is enabled.


How do I completely disable Crossfire Support?


I've not used AMD Video cards for a very long time and I'm quite frustrated right now.