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    The video card has been physically removed from the system


      My graphics card is throwing an error when I try to boot Dragon Age: Inquisition. See the attached screenshot. I had no problems before today.


      I restarted the computer, updated DirectX, restarted, uninstalled AMD, restarted, reinstalled the earlier version of AMD, restarted, unplugged my additional monitor, nothing. Then I tried booting Origins as administrator, nothing. I haven't changed any of the system settings from defaults.


      Here are my specs:


      Radeon Software 15.12 Crimson Edition (after the reinstall)

      Graphics Chipset: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

      Memory Size 2048

      Memory Type HyperMemory

      Core Clock 1050

      Windows 10

      System Memory 8GB

      Intel Pentium CPU G630 @ 2.7 GHz


      Here's most of the error message:


      DirectX function ....


      DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_FLAG_ALLOW_MODE_SWITCH)" failed with DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED ("The video card has been physically removed from the system, or a driver upgrade for the video card has occurred. The application should destroy and recreate the device. For help debugging the problem, call ID3D10DEVICE::GetDeviceRemovedReason.". GPU: "AMD Radeon R7 200 Series", Driver: 15.8 ... This error is usually caused by the graphics driver crashing; try installing the latest drivers. Also, make sure you  have a supported graphics card with at least 512MB.


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          I was finally able to fix the error without reinstalling Dragon Age or Origins by following a modified version of these instructions:


          DirectX function GetDeviceRemovedReason failed with dxgi_error_device_hung - Page 13 - Answer HQ



          1) Download latest Catalyst drivers from www.amd.com (Should be version 13.9 or higher) - *don't install*.

          2) Download Treexy Driver Fusion (http://treexy.com/products/driver-fusion) 1.7.0 and install it

          3) Uninstall current Catalyst drivers through the Control Panel and *reboot* your PC

          4) You should be reverted back to good old VGA. Now, fire up Driver Fusion and click "Maintenance"->"Driver Family"->[x] AMD (Swap with Nvidia if thats your card)->"Details" (Bottom) [[[[This is where I had to modify. The latest version of Driver Fusion looks like "Maintenance"->"Driver Family"->Display ->[x] AMD (Swap with Nvidia if thats your card), and then I just clicked "Delete" with AMD selected. The program threw an error that said that the free edition couldn't delete all of the associated files, and that I had to pay for premium, but I ignored the error.]]]]

          5) Ensure all the files in the list are selected  and click "Delete" (Bottom). Wait for the process to complete and then *reboot* your PC again.

          6) Repeat step 4, this time the list should be empty - if not; repeat 5 and 6 until all files are removed otherwise if the list is empty continue to 7... [[[[Again, the program didn't delete all associated files, but I ignored that]]]]

          7) Navigate to where you downloaded the Catalyst drivers and run the exe file. It will extract the files to a folder (E.g. C:\amd\[...etc]) and start it's setup program. Run through the setup

          8) Click [Finish] - *reboot* once more.

          9) Fire up BattleField and see if all is well...


          * One other note. Ensure your PC is connected to the mains and not a consumer grade UPS - most of the consumer UPS's will not deliver sufficent power (beep horribly usually) when your system ramps up demand (which Battlefield will cause it to do).

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              Great that you solved your problems.  A couple of suggestions for the future:


              First of all, run the 16.1's as they are the latest WHQL drivers.


              Second, if you open the Windows device manager and select your device under "display adapters"-right click on it and select "update drivers"...then "Browse my computer for driver software"..and finally "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer".  A box will popup with all of the device drivers on your system...scroll to the bottom and you will see "Microsoft basic display adapter" which you select and click OK to install.  Your VGA driver is then installed. After that, install the 16.1's. That's it.


              As to the rest of your instructions.concerning "Treexy Driver FUsion"..I have no idea what you are talking about...;) I've never had to do anything special to run either game you mention, and I've never had to use that software.  Sounds like you have had some system configuration problems in the past,  and judging by these convoluted instructions it's easy to see how that might have happened.  Seriously speaking, what would make you think your described method might be in any way "normal"...?  Your situation could probably have been fixed by simply reinstalling the drivers...


              Last, yes, it is customary when using a UPS to make sure that the supported wattage output of the UPS equals at least what your system demands under load, and when a UPS starts beeping that means it has lost power from the mains and will continue to beep until it a) runs out of battery, or b) electricity from the mains is restored.  The beeping is a warning that you are on battery and that main power is lost, and it means "Better power down before I run out of juice."  If you have your UPS plugged into the wall and it still starts beeping when you know you have power then look to the UPS as it is likely there is something wrong with it...At least, this is the way my UPS behaves.

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                  Thanks for the tips. I did reinstall the AMD driver several times, which didn't fix the error.


                  Read the error message I got from my driver (the attached image). The error clearly states, "“… or a driver upgrade for the video card has occurred. The application should destroy and recreate the device.”


                  I think the error was on the Dragon Age side, and for some reason Dragon Age didn't detect that it needed to recreate the device. So the Driver Fusion program was able to scrape out the bad "device", and once I reinstalled AMD (or when I booted Dragon Age) the "device" was recreated as it should have been, so I was able to boot the program properly. I'm glad I found this fix, even though it was obviously for a completely different error. Stumble-success.


                  I am going to wait on using the latest driver in case I have to live through this nightmare again =P This driver version is working, which is all I care about.


                  The only config issue that miiight have happened is that I copied the installed files from a different hard drive to install, rather than doing a clean install on my new copy of Windows. But both were running the same OS, and I did the graphics driver update after that point. I don't see how that would affect whether Dragon Age detected that it needed to "destroy and recreate the device." AMD keeps trying to run Chrome under weird permissions, though, so maybe that's related? None of the AMD software detected any problems with the system configuration.

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                failed with gr error device lost. GPU:''amd radeon r9 200 series'' (26640), Drive 1166016512

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