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Sapphire Fury TriXX not regocnized after crash.

Question asked by on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by amdmatt

Hello there,


I bought a Fury TriXX on the 31.12.15 and used it since then. Before that I was using a Asus r9 280x, first on air and later on under water. The fury is untouched though as I'm currently living in Malaysia where it is not as easy to get your hands on blocks as in Germany.


The rest of my system consists of a 4670K on a asus maximus 6 gene that is cooled by 2x 240mm rads and is currently at stock clocks, a seasonic X 650W, a WD black, a 128gb SSD for windows and 250gb for games.


So here is my issue I basically just came across: I was playing a round of CS:GO competitive after doing some stuff with word, chrome and listening to music, when suddenly my PC turned off and my screen went black (as the signal was gone).

At first i thought I somehow unplugged the main power cable with my foot, but nothing was wrong there. So I went on to restart the PC. The Asus M6G has a error code led which gave me some codes for issues with the boot drive. The screen stayed black during post although I do have a 3s delay with a onscreen graphic enabled. After several tries to get a post screen and get into bios that involved unplugging the ssds and the hdd, starting without any drive, and starting with the boot SSD, I plugged my monitor into the iGPU, which I luckily didn't turn off.

The iGPU finally gave me a signal and I was able to navigate in the bios and troubleshoot the issue with my fury: in the GPU/Dimm option (which usually shows the pcie gpu) both pci16x slots are greyed out and marked with not available. In the pcie settings the empty slot is marked as empty, the pcie slot with the fury does show the speed of 0x with no options available. Also changing the primary display from auto to pcie has no effect whatsoever, the PC still posts with the iGPU and boots into windows.


So now I was wondering what my issue might be. I will check the pcie slot with an old hd7770 tomorrow, but the fury TriXX does not fit into the lower pcie slot of the m6g.

Several thoughts of mine:

1. The pcie slot died somehow

2. The fury died somehow

-I read smth about the 20% fan curve, but I'm sure I did not encounter it as my gpu stayed under 70°C under heavy load and today I didn't stress it alot.

-faulty card?

3. The Psu went rogue and decided to no longer supply any power to the GPU

-I could use different cables and different ports on the psu

-the green led on the fury is on, not sure how it work though



Thanks for reading my long post, feel free to ask for any more details. I really hope there is a way to still use my fury as its a really nice card (pretty huge though...) and sending it in is a pain here in Malaysia and will probably take ages. Really don't want to play on a HD7770 or put the cooler back on my 280x.