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    ATI FireMV 2250 PCIex1 DMS -59


      Just got this card for old computer and loaded the vista drivers and it works in Windows 10. Here is the problem,I can restart the machine 20 times in a roll and all is well on booting up to desktop. If I shutdown the computer and reboot get a black screen with only mouse icon ? Now the weird part,if shutdown and change the vga to other dms-59 vga connector all is well, like the card switches between connector on shutdown. Using only one monitor for this card,is there a way to setup primary connector? Has anyone used this type of card with one monitor? I'm lost,don't want to switch connector every time I shut down. Any suggestions

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          Well after Two days of tweaking with drivers and no success this is what I found to fix the problem. Went in to power setting in Windows 10

          and turned off Fast Startup and all is well. This was the strangest problem I ever had with a video card. So the ATI FireMV 2250 will work in Windows 10 .

          Hope this can help someone else with problems.

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              Unfortunately this did not work for me. The driver keeps faulting and recovering every 30 seconds, black screening in between.

              Anyone any other ideas to workaround or could one recommend a replacement board, Windows 10 compatible just to run two monitors for business apps?


              Thanks all in advance!