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    Crimson 16.1 causes PSU's fan noise?


      After I updated to Crimson 16.1 my PSU's fan started to make loud grinding noise. It keeps doing that once or twice a day.

      But after I rolled back to 15.12 the problem seemed to disappear! I wonder if it's possible that a graphics driver can even affect a PSU's fan.


      I noticed that after I watched some videos (Youtube/Bluray) the problem seemed more likely to happen.


      I opened the case to make sure that the noise came from the PSU and at that time both CPU's and GPU's fans were turned off (35°C and 40°C respectively). I guess I'll stick with 15.12 for a while until new driver comes or at least I know how/why this problem happened.


      My specs :

      i5 6600K

      16 GB DDR4 2800MHz

      2TB WD Green

      250GB SSD Samsung 850

      Sapphire R9 Fury Tri-X

      CS650M Corsair 650W

      Asrock Z170 Extreme 6+

      (Copy&Paste from Reddit)

        • Re: Crimson 16.1 causes PSU's fan noise?

          I guess it could be possible that the new drivers make the gpu draw more power, or perhaps past a threshold on your psu, that increases temps on your psu, which in turn has the psu fan run more. Could be that your gpu is running at higher clocks during video watching than in previous versions, which isn't necessarily wrong.


          Either way, I wonder if your PSU or psu fan is starting to fail because the grinding noise is not normal.