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Fallout 4 on r9 380, please suggest good display setting.

Question asked by on Jan 18, 2016
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Any one playing or played call of duty bo3, fallout 4, darksiders 2 deathinitive edition . Plz help me.

All of the three games i had listed having serious issues with my r9 380, because i played all of the three games on gtx 960 gigabyte g1 4gb.

The result i got

Darksiders: all thing maxed out but shadows medium

GTX 960: FPS 45-60

R9 380: FPS 35-55

Not a huge problem there but

Fallout 4

Setting ultra preset

GTX 960: Inside environment FPS 58-60

Outside FPS 38-60

R9 380: Inside environment FPS 30-60 constant frame drops, like amd trying to teach me counting from 30 to 60.

Outside environment FPS 30-55 same frame drops


shadow medium, ambient occlusion medium, motion blur off.

GTX 960: Inside 45-60 FPS,

Outside 40-60 FPS

R9 380: Huge frame drops every sec.

But in COD BO3 i can achieve much more higher setting than gtx 960.



So problem is that if i turn vsync off games has very less frame drops but screen tearing bothers me. Is R9 380 that week and i made a huge mistake swapping it for GTX 960? Or the problem is with game or ati drivers.

My current card is Sapphire R9 380 4GB OC with Backplate.