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Radeon settings don't seem to do anything.

Question asked by entropicgoat on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by entropicgoat

Or at least they don't seem to. I have been following some guides to get crossfire working on some games and been completely unable to get anything to work. I then decided to try turning crossfire off on one game where it worked and that didn't do anything either, crossfire was still running. Simply put any changes I make to the settings in Radeon Settings seem to make no difference what so ever.


I am running windows 10 with dual R9 390x Strix, I have reinstalled all the drivers multiple times. The only related program that comes to mind that I have not touched is Asus GPU tweak 2. In the games that run with Crossfire work perfectly, for example I have no profile set for GTA V nor has Radeon Settings noticed it but Crossfire works. Warframe on the other hand with a profile set does absolutely nothing nor do any others that have their settings set in Radeon Settings.


I would really love some help figuring this out!