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Issue with triple monitor setup and full screen games

Question asked by samysnes on Jan 18, 2016
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I need some help on this issue. Ever since I installed the newest crimson drivers and windows 10, my triple monitor setup has been acting up.


So my setup is as follow: I have a main monitor extended to a second monitor above it. My main monitor is also duplicated on a third monitor across the room (see picture).



Main monitor is HDMI. Second monitor is DVI. Third monitor is DP. I have a HD7970 Asus DCII.


The issue is whenever I start a full screen game or maximize it on my main monitor, my second monitor becomes black with only the start menu icon visible. The icon flickers slowly for about 10 seconds and then it forces the game to minimize to get back to normal. However, if I unplug the third monitor to get rid of the 1/3 duplicate group, everything works just fine.


Any idea what this could be? Hardware? Software?