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    Diablo 3 problem


      I'm using a Gigabyte HD6870 OC edition and whille i'm playing Diablo 3,i try to teleport to AcII Desolate Sands and the screen goes black!I've been playing Diablo 3 since day 1 and i've never had that issue.I read somewhere that i need to upgrade to 15.2 drivers in order to overcome this,but my gpu doesn't support crimson drivers.Is there any other way overcome this?

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          Your GPU supports the legacy version of Crimson 16.1 drivers, you can download them here.

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              That's not a D3 bug but a problem at the ATI at the new drivers that it is not yet fixed.

              I had the same issue and the blizzard answered in these terms:


              "We have recieved reports about this and we are aware of this matter. This is provoked by an issue in the latest Catalyst Drivers from ATI.

              Currently ATI has not fixed this in the new drivers and the only stable version that won't affect Diablo III is the 13.2 Catalyst driver.


              To install these drivers be sure to first remove completely the drivers you have installed.

              Once you do so you'll be able to install this version without any problem.

              This will fully fix this for you without any other problems arising."


              Best wishes