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    A few questions on the video card r7 370 4gb strix.


      Hello, there was a couple of questions, answer if someone is not difficult.)))


      To what temperature can become hot for safe operation r7 370 4gb strix? I have a overclocking temperature of 75 (1050,1400 >1150, 1550) and the voltage 1,140v is not critical?


      Add a description of the Crimson graphics settings. How does anti-aliasing when improve application settings? what happens at the same time improving?

      What was the difference as texture filtering high, standard, performance? In tessellation watch for example in GTA 5 if you include the use of application settings or disable tessellation this gives a small increase in performance in the game, optimized amd It may be slightly reloads any instructions card.


      I used the afterburner for overclocking and the cooler off lucky that the graphics card is not burned as it became clear later this "conflict" with crimson.




      Now everything is fine but is it possible to disable the overdrive? take this opportunity or it would be very way if in crimson It would be able to build a schedule for the cooler in such afterburner while other programs have become not needed.