Microsoft to limit software support of Intel Kaby Lake & AMD Bristol Ridge to Windows 10 only.

Discussion created by black_zion on Jan 18, 2016

Microsoft Limits Support For Upcoming Processors To Windows 10


Microsoft announced that starting with Windows 10, it will provide software support for the latest processors only on the latest Windows platform. This will further push users to upgrade their OS in order to use the newest generation of processor technologies.




SImilarly, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 all received updates related to Intel’s new Skylake processors, but when Skylake’s successor, Kaby Lake, and AMD’s Bristol Ridge processors are released, Microsoft will update only Windows 10 to support them. If you are still using an older Windows OS, you might be able to use these processors, too, but you may encounter instability, increased power draw, and lower performance relative to Windows 10.


Alrighty there goes my reason to upgrade to Zen, as well as the rest of the 70% or so of the market who doesn't want to use Windows 10, unless the performance difference is not substantial. Microsoft wants to push Windows 10 because it generates four times the revenue per user as Windows 7 and 8, but all this is going to do is keep people on old hardware through 2020 (Win 7) and 2023 (Win 8.1), and cut revenue to both Intel and AMD, and as a result also to ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock...Wonder what's going to happen come 2020 when Windows 7 still has 50% of the market and Windows 10 is struggling at 15%...