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hi i got a 6900 hd series and i got a big problem whith the latest patch help pls :D

Question asked by tzuk on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by kingfish

hi im new @ here no idea if i do this ok or wrong sorry if i cause any trouble

i'm tryng  2 play diablo 3 and had some crashes isues i contacted blizzard support and after like 1 hr of tring 2 solve the problem i was getting same error after tring 2 instal latest version of the patch




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i even tried 2 unistal the curent version that i got runing on pc and i get the same error when i start using the program

i saw people adding msinfo and dxdiag im gona add them maby it will help im gona attach them bouth

pls give me a hand of help fixing this issue pls