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Best 8GB AMD GPU for GPGPU OpenCL computational geometry research?

Question asked by cesss on Jan 18, 2016
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I'm doing a GPGPU research project with OpenCL, and I need to purchase a current GPU, with the best available performance in OpenCL. It's important to get the highest OpenCL performance possible. Another requisite is having 8GB VRAM.


My research is about computational geometry. It runs fine on FP32, but what I really need is some guarantee that, if my algorithm runs slower than desired, there isn't any other AMD board in the market that would run it faster.


Looking at the possibilities, I see two options which have 8GB:


-The FirePro W8100 (peaks: 4.2TFLOPS in FP32, 2.1TFLOPS in FP64).

-The Radeon R9 390x (peaks: 5.9TFLOPS in FP32, 1/8th in FP64).


If I didn't have the 8GB requisite, I see the Radeon Fury X achieves 8.6TFLOPS peak in FP32, but with the limitation of going down from 8GB to 4GB.


I believe I must be missing something here. Does the Radeon Fire X beat all professional FirePro boards in FP32, including even the W9100 and the S9170? Of course, the question is whether I need FP64 performance or not. I had experience with NVIDIA Tesla boards years ago, which offered an FP64 performance very close to FP32, so I usually chose FP64 because you almost got it for free on such boards. But I don't really need FP64, my first requisite is very high OpenCL performance rather than having good FP64 numbers.


Thanks a lot for any ideas/suggestions,