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    FPS keeep decreasing in CS:GO (7970M)


      So I'm having issues with the latest versions of the amd drivers (since august 2015). After i start CS:GO the framerate is normal for about 2 minutes. If i join on a server (or actually just load a map) the fps start decreasing form about 120 fps (on almost any graphics settings??) to about 60 fps after ~10 minutes. They wont go much lower, but when i return to the menu they wont increase either. I can resolve the issue by restarting my game, but after some minutes (on one map) the problem starts all over again. It only happens on the drivers since august 2015. Crimson Software did not change the problem at all, so I'm still sitting here with drivers from march 2015 and hoping that anyone could help me out.


      System Specs:


      OS: Windows 7

      CPU: Intel i7 3610QM

      GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7970M

      RAM: 8 GB

      Hard drives: 2x 250GB SSD, 1x external 1TB Hard drive

      The laptop is a Schneker P502 Pro



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          A lot of people would say 60fps is no reason to complain...but anyhow, first thing to do is go to Windows Update and install all the relevant updates, especially the 'optional' updates.   This must be done first. Then go to Intel support, use their driver update tool and download to your desktop the latest drivers for your Intel graphics.  Download to your desktop these AMD drivers >

          Now delete the Intel drivers from your computer using 'uninstall a program' in the computer control panel.



          Uninstall the AMD drivers from your computer using the 'uninstall a program' in the computer control panel.






          ******Computers with Intel processors select 'express' uninstall all AMD software including the install manager.



          ******Computers with AMD processors custom uninstall the AMD graphics driver and Catalyst Control Panel only.








          Note: All anti-malware/anti-virus/anti-anything should be disabled during driver installation.



          Install the Intel drivers...reboot



          Install the AMD drivers...reboot


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            Hello. I have same problem with my 7970m... fps being degcreasing in time down to 40-50 fps ( in games like CS GO and League of Legends) GPU load also degreasing from 50% to 20%, This problem occurs only in games with low system requirements. Me uncomfortable to play online games if they have 60 fps or lower. In a games like The Witcher 3  or Metro 2033 fps stable and the load on the GPU always 99-100%.