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Question asked by albinopeafowl on Jan 17, 2016

OKAY I'm getting a little mad about it because since I upgraded my drivers, I haven't been able to play a game and open a browser at the same time, if the 2 programs are open, BUM, blue screen, sad face, same message over and over. The same happens if I leave my computer for somenthing more like 10 minutes, with this particular game launching (Warframe) and at some point the screen freezes and then again, blue screen. I already cleaned my drivers with this software from a guru webpage, reinstalled the Crimsonblabla but it fixed nothing. I really, really would like to know how to fix this, since this computer is new and I don't find normal having this kind of problems, nor pleasant. My laptop is an Acer Aspire E-15 (E5-551-T7V0)


BTW, this is the software i used to clean my drivers: Display Driver Uninstaller Download version