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Anyone else with "The Evil Within" Temperature problem r9 290 Crimson 16.1 driver?

Question asked by nilsatis on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by nilsatis

Hi all;

Never had this problem before, and looks like it was introduced with one of the latest driver updates. This game; even on menu screens heats up my Gigabyte Windforce r9 290 (stock clocks) 15 degrees more than any other game to the point it is sitting at 87 degrees on the menus occasionally. This is with the framerate unlocked and set to 60fps or even at 30fps the card gets far too hot. GPU load is also stuck at 100% after some minutes. Usual temperatures for games on my card (including far more demanding ones) are between 70-75 degrees at the most. (Just Cause 3, Witcher 3, Crysis 3 etc) I have a library of over 100 games including most aaa games and none of them heat the card up this much which suggests a problem. Turning off aa and shadows etc helps marginally but not as much as it should and the game stays too hot.


Is this a bug introduced by AMD or the latest Windows 10 update? If anyone has the game and comparable hardware/driver version can they test or share their exact experience too at the moment (not results from the past) and let me know what temperatures they have? This seems like a very odd problem. Deleting the Evil Within profile doesnt do anything to help, and I have no problem on any other game and also no problem on other ID tech 5 games such as Wolfenstein etc. This is at both 60 and 30 that there appears to be a bug and nothing I have tried changes it. The game performs well mostly until it is getting to the high temperatures in which case I close the game. I am not used to using the card at these temps and vrm temperatures will be even higher. The fans are usually quiet as hell but are really on full blast nearly  (3 fans windforce design) to cope with this problem.


Can AMD look at this please? I realise it is a slightly older (but enjoyable) game and it seems like a bug was introduced somewhere; do others get the same problem on the latest drivers? My specs are:

Intel 2500k @ 4.6ghz

8gb 1600mhz Kingston Hyper x

2tb Caviar Black

Gigabyte R9 290 @ stock clocks (a wonderful card so far....had it a couple of years)

Catalyst 16.1