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Why am I unable to change the pixel format when using DisplayPort?

Question asked by trenavix on Jan 17, 2016

My R9 290X has three options:


-HDMI 1.4

-DisplayPort 1.2


My HDTV, the Vizio M50-C1, can only display 60Hz+ when using 4:2:2 format. If the format is 4:4:4, it is forced at 30Hz or less.

I got a DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapter from Club 3D to handle 4096x2160@60Hz; the problem is, unlike HDMI and DVI, Radeon Settings will not let me set the pixel format when using DisplayPort. It automatically seems to be forcing 4:4:4 and I am forced to use 30Hz.

¿Hay soluciones?