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hp pro book 450g1

Question asked by karnalgirish on Jan 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2016 by zealotki11er

hey guys I searched a lot but could not find the answer to this questions. Please help me as i am struggling here because of this problem.

the hp pro book has dual graphics ati radon 8750hd and intel 4600. the problem is i cant disable the intel graphics in the bios or no such facility like that is given.

the ati driver ie the crimson which is the present version does not fit correctly into the laptop. some of the previous versions had the same problem. there seems to be a conflict of some kind, this is a pro book so there is no problem with the components i got it checked. I cant get the photoshop cc to work it shows error in graphics driver and some other applications also give error. PLEASE HELP. give me a solution as to how to resolve this.thank you