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      Recently, i noticed i was having troubles with 3d stereoscopic mode. Some time ago, maybe 1 month, i didn't have this problems. I think with 15.7.1 drivers was still working (but i'm not sure).

      For example, with Tomb Raider, when i check 3d stereoscopic, the game goes to fullscreen, but inmediately goes to a mini centered window, like still in fullscreen, i can see the game, but u can see windows system at bottom on screen.

      With older versions, i didn't have that problem. In games like crysis 3, manual 3d modes work (like splitting the screen to duplicate the image), but games working with stereoscopic 3d, aren't working.

      It should activate automatically 3D mode in TV, but TV doesn't switch to 3D mode, and as i said, you see the game in a perfectly centered mini window, but still like full screen window (you can't see the typical top bar of windows aplications), i mean, it's not in windowed mode. When i deactivate 3d stereoscopic, game switches to fullscreen and everything goes well.


      Other thing I noticed, to avoid stuttering, i have to use in a lot of games virtual resolutions to see at 60 HZ, if not, i have stuttering, and frame dropping. Instead 1080p (1920x1080), i have to use 1920x1200 to run games correctly. I tried to check if my 3d problem was caused by this resolution config, but still the same issue. So it's caused by drivers.


      I think still there is no solution to those problems, but i want to report them, and help to improve next drivers. Tested with lates 15.10, 15.11, and 16.1. Stuttering problem at least for me, it's a problem i noticed a lot of time ago (and i have a manual solution if 1080p makes stutter), but 3D problem is prioritary, because the only solution, it is to revert to older drivers.


      FYI: My TV works perfect, i can see 3d content perfectly with my xbox360, ps3...


          I have the same problem as you and it's definatelly related to latest drivers. I have windows 7 x64, intel quad core q9550, 8 gb ddr2, R9 290 and a Sharp 60" active shutter 3d. Until and including driver 14.12 (best stable stereo 3d driver in my opinion) I've never had any stereo 3d issues. Starting with the previous generation and continuuing with the latest Crimson package, all the stereo 3d in messed up in 3d games, especially Tomb Raider and Trine 2 and 3 aswell, from what I noticed, so it's a general issue.

          My opinion: stereo 3d is messed up, I have I guess this issues: 3d background I think is in the foreground somehow and the 3d foreground I guess is seen in the background, I can't explain properly but it is definatelly broken due to a glitch in the drivers.

          Please AMD fix it. You've fixed alot with the latest drivers but I guess this particular issue (stereo 3d) was not double checked anymore. Make a comparison with the old drivers (14.12) which were great and see where the problem comes from.

          It's awful for us gamers since we can't use the old drivers anymore because there are improvements in the new ones (like Black Ops 3 for ex, great framerate gains with the lastest drivers) but in the same time we loose the stereo 3d feeling since we can't enjoy it anymore (it's dead broken). And what a feeling it's been....I'm talking about the superb Tomb Raider in 3d, it's completely different game in 3d. Please get it back for us!

          PS: the same with me, 3d works fine on my PS3.


          All I wanted to say is that I have a slight different problem that you Sergi_o, since I get the 3d mode in Tomb Raider or any other game, I mean my tv switches to 3d mode but the 3d mode is broken, as I explained above, foreground in 3d and background in 3d are switched somehow which is weird. It is definatelly broken, and I guess there is something in the new drivers which doesn't allign properly stereo 3d settings.





            Problem still isnt's solved. I tested it yesterday on windows 10 pro 64 bit (with all the updates) on Rise of the Romb Raider and although it works, I mean it switches from 2d to amd3d stereo, the result is that the stereo 3d is broken. Still messed up foreground and background. Is anybody from AMD looking into ? I have a core2quad q9550, 8gb ddr2, radeon r9 290 and a sharp aquos active shutter 60". I can't believe it. The last driver that worked well for me was 14.12.


            Update 24.08.2016: after testing and switching between catalyst/crimson drivers, I have the big picture for Radeon R9 290 (all below is my personal opinion and from my personal testing):


            1) for AMD HD3D - last working driver : version 14.12 ; this driver has no problems for 3d native games (I'm not talking about SBS or OU, just pure native frame packing); sadly, this driver is limited to Windows 7 use, for Win10 (I guess 8.1 too) there is no fix since all the following driver version have problems when using AMD HD3D mode imo, I've checked them all, this is bad news for win10 native 3d gaming for anyone with a R9 card;

            Another missing "part" in 14.12 driver is imo "freesync" support. I have a monitor with freesync capability and since I want to be able to play native 3d games aswell (Tomb Raider for ex), I can't benefit from my screen freesync capabilities because I have to stick to 14.12 driver, otherwise I  would loose proper 3d support. This is indeed very bad.


            2) for DirectX 12 mode enabled in Win10 gaming, I've checked all drivers following version 16.3.2 and all prohibit me to access dx12 mode, the games refuse to start on dx12 mode, I get start crash to desktop. The only driver for my Radeon R9 290 which allows DirectX 12 is version 16.3.2 and I guess all the previous versions (or maybe not).

            In this case, I have freesync suport but I don't have proper stereo 3d support. Again, bad news.


            My bottom lines: AMD care less about fixing issues, they don't read the forums and don't even care about the driver feedback forms I sent. This is really bad and in this particular issue (very important issue since drivers are more important sometimes than hardware), I guess Nvidia wins.

            PS: as I mentioned earlier, I have a custom pc made of core2quad q9550 (oc from 2,8 to 3,4 Ghz), 8 gb ddr2, asus p5q pro turbo mb, r9 290 (no oc), hard drive 1 tb 7200 rpm WD.

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              I've recently found out what exactly is the cause of broken 3d. It's because the amd hd3d driver (tested by myself in latest Crimson Edition 16.11.5 driver) in stereoscopic 3d mode "switches by default" left and right eye. By default, eyes are swapped by default in the latest drivers which is bad. The solution is simple: AMD should fix the drivers but in the meantime, I've found a simple solution to this issue by wearing my 3d glasses upside down. Everything is nice although I loose the comfort by wearing them like this.


                Hi, after all this time, problem is still there. Stereoscopic mode is not able and recognized by compatible games. It seems we have forced to use SBS mode... Doesn't matter direct x version, amd broke his fantastic hd3d driver, and there won't be a solution as we can see... I don't understand why spend time including relive options if basics functions (for me is an important function) are still broken... Maybe there is a way to merge old configs to newest drivers, and do a manual solution, but it requires time... Tried tridef hd3d driver with a blackscreen as a result... Anyways i think that searching a solution with third parties and depending on virtualization is not an option for me... SBS quality is worst than stereoscopic mode (with sbs every frame to each eye is at half resolution), and this is a shame when we had working perfectly stereoscopic mode before crimson edition.