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Question asked by sergi_o on Jan 16, 2016
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Recently, i noticed i was having troubles with 3d stereoscopic mode. Some time ago, maybe 1 month, i didn't have this problems. I think with 15.7.1 drivers was still working (but i'm not sure).

For example, with Tomb Raider, when i check 3d stereoscopic, the game goes to fullscreen, but inmediately goes to a mini centered window, like still in fullscreen, i can see the game, but u can see windows system at bottom on screen.

With older versions, i didn't have that problem. In games like crysis 3, manual 3d modes work (like splitting the screen to duplicate the image), but games working with stereoscopic 3d, aren't working.

It should activate automatically 3D mode in TV, but TV doesn't switch to 3D mode, and as i said, you see the game in a perfectly centered mini window, but still like full screen window (you can't see the typical top bar of windows aplications), i mean, it's not in windowed mode. When i deactivate 3d stereoscopic, game switches to fullscreen and everything goes well.


Other thing I noticed, to avoid stuttering, i have to use in a lot of games virtual resolutions to see at 60 HZ, if not, i have stuttering, and frame dropping. Instead 1080p (1920x1080), i have to use 1920x1200 to run games correctly. I tried to check if my 3d problem was caused by this resolution config, but still the same issue. So it's caused by drivers.


I think still there is no solution to those problems, but i want to report them, and help to improve next drivers. Tested with lates 15.10, 15.11, and 16.1. Stuttering problem at least for me, it's a problem i noticed a lot of time ago (and i have a manual solution if 1080p makes stutter), but 3D problem is prioritary, because the only solution, it is to revert to older drivers.


FYI: My TV works perfect, i can see 3d content perfectly with my xbox360, ps3...