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Crossfire Profiles not working.

Question asked by shaoaz on Jan 16, 2016

As the Title mentions, despite having crossfire profiles set to "not" be enabled. The second GPU still goes on and runs along with any games that I play, even those who I don't want it to be. Always being forced to turn off Crossfire entirely for the second gpu to not be used. This is really annoying due to some games not running well with dual setup and makes me wonder if the profiles work at all and ULPS doesn't seem to work adequately with crossfire turned off making the second card be on constantly. Has anyone ever had this issue before? Is there any fix to this? That would be greatly appreciated, this bug has been present for since the release of Radeon Crimson to remplace CCC. Also when you have crossfire disabled, two gpu panels comes up for each of them. Why is that? Isn't that kind of unnecessary?



Asus Sabtertooth X58

Intel X5675 @ 4.2ghz


2x R9 290X