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    Radeon crimson 16.1 doesn't appear to be installed


      The latest update for radeon crimson, which is, of course, 16.1.  I tried to install that and while the message says it's been installed, it doesn't appear to be.  I checked my device manager and it's not there as it usually is when I install a new update for a display driver.  In fact, when I tried to install it, it didn't ask me to restart my PC at all.  It just said it was installed but I don't see it anywhere, not even under the add/remove programs control panel.  I have windows 8.1.  I uninstalled the older update that was available on December 14th or something like that so I can do a clean install.  Was that a mistake?  This is where I got the driver when it was available on January 11th.  Legacy