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Playing older DX9 games

Question asked by kingfish on Jan 15, 2016

I play the campaigns, single player or coop. My experience and opinion is the campaigns are getting predictable and easier, plus fewer have campaign coop options. Ok, so two days ago I started playing my older games. First up was Far Cry. Original-2004 DX9....I have a R9-290 and I7 processor so I set my in-game video settings at "very high"...and I also set my difficulty to 'experienced'. Started the game and the loading screen came on. And stayed on until I pulled up Task manager and found Far Cry is not responding. Two more times with the same result. Installed (unneeded) latest DX. Blamed AMD for ca_ca drivers...etc. Finally lower all in-game video advanced settings to the lowest and it started right up. I started raising all the video options one by one until I found one that triggered the non responding state. Every other setting can be set to "very high" except LIGHTING QUALITY. If it is set higher than 'high' it crashes. Playing these older DX8-DX9 games have issues like this. A top of the line, 12 year old game like Far Cry's idea of 'very high' conflicts with a modern day GPU's idea. The odds of AMD or Crytec updating the game or driver are not promising. So look at the ingame settings. Also, as a side note, if you decided to bring this classic up from the back of the drawer and play it, you will relearn the reality of older FPS. I chose Experienced as my difficulty level. I am now down to 'Please Daddy Don't Hurt Me' level and have finally crossed the first river. This is like playing it for the first a noob.