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Black screen No signal

Question asked by waldemar08 on Jan 15, 2016
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Asus Radeon R9 fury strix

asus z97-A

intel i7-4790k

1600 Mhz Ram ddr3

Windows 10

PSU 1000 watt fractal design


Everything is new, it's a completely new computer.


When I enter games, they freeze and the screen goes black and my monitor loses any signal. This happens in most games, some games it doesn't happen every time and in some games it happens every time. Skyrim for example it's instant as soon as I enter the open world. CSGO though is sometimes fines but sometimes not fine. I can be in any menu without problem though. Wolfenstein also freezes, battlefield 4 as well. Elite Dangerous used to be fine but doesn't work now.


Alien Isolation and Star Wars battlefront work fine though for some reason.


Things I've tried.

Clean install of gpu drivers


Updating any drivers really, windows, gpu, motherboard.


Updated my bios


Ran error search of my RAM's in windows, no errors.


Stress tested my gpu and it didn't go black or anything even when as it went up towards 80 degrees.


Temperatures are fine even when I crash.



Honestly I am clueless. I'm gonna contact Asus and ask if they can give me a new GPU. Maybe I'll download that RAM check program, DCL or something and see if it'll come up with something.