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Crossfire issues, XFX and SAPPHIRE R7 260X

Question asked by epicylon on Jan 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2016 by epicylon

Catalyst Control Center won't let me enable Crossfire (bridgeless).

I have 1 XFX R7 260X and 1 SAPPHIRE R7 260X. Device manager recognizes both cards.

I have tried: resocketing, changing slots, reinstalling CCC with drivers.


Error in CCC:

System Information:

Motherboard is F2A78M-D3H


The XFX card does not have a crossfire finger, so I'm starting to wonder wether if it actually does not support crossfire. Which, I think, is extremely weird. If we can't figure this one out, thank you so much anyways, win some lose some, right? Thanks anyways :)


- Simon