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    Crossfire issues, XFX and SAPPHIRE R7 260X


      Catalyst Control Center won't let me enable Crossfire (bridgeless).

      I have 1 XFX R7 260X and 1 SAPPHIRE R7 260X. Device manager recognizes both cards.

      I have tried: resocketing, changing slots, reinstalling CCC with drivers.


      Error in CCC: http://imgur.com/BaLHCnE

      System Information: http://pastebin.com/QjeNdbza

      Motherboard is F2A78M-D3H


      The XFX card does not have a crossfire finger, so I'm starting to wonder wether if it actually does not support crossfire. Which, I think, is extremely weird. If we can't figure this one out, thank you so much anyways, win some lose some, right? Thanks anyways :)


      - Simon