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Low FPS in StarWars Battlefront in Crossfire

Question asked by arcticfrost on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by amdmatt

I currently have a frame rate problem when playing battlefront with crossfire enabled.


On max settings I only get about ~30FPS with my two R9 270s crossfired.


My first thought was wow this game is really graphically intensive, so I oc'ed the cards, no change in frame rate.


I then lowered the graphics quality all the way to low, and only got to about ~40 FPS. After looking online at benchmarks
this was clearly the wrong FPS as it would seem a single 270 could get around 45 FPS on ultra.


So I reset the settings to ultra, looked at my GPU activity and lo and behold they were just idling there at 30% utilization.


Finally turning crossfire off I got to about 45 fps on ultra on a single card.


Looking around online there were a few questions close to mine but they all involved graphical glitching of some sort as well, I have not seen any such glitches just low frame rate.
Also from this video :Battlefront Beta - Ultra Graphics AMD R9 280X Crossfire On/Off test Windows 10 - FPS Count - YouTube It would seem that crossfire works just fine for this guy.


Any help would be appreciated,
- Luca




Rig specs:


Radeon 16.1
Two R9 270s
AMD 4350 OC'ed @ 4.8Ghz
8 GBs of 1866 Ram

Windows 7