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    Cannot force crossfire


      Ever since the first Crimson driver, I have not been able to force Crossfire with my 2 XFX R9 290 Black OC Edition cards ...


      I rolled back to the previous catalyst driver before Crimson was released and I can force crossfire just fine. Re-installing the crimson 15x drivers, I am having issues with crossfire working with many games, and the option for forcing crossfire for games that have no profiles was there, but clicking on it would not work, as when I click on the option, when I select apply, I shut down the window and re-open the graphics settings and it is de-selected again ...


      Installing the latest hotfix just completely removed the option for forcing crossfire and now games that I enjoy like FFXIV and Rainbow 6 Siege only run on 1 of my 2 cards ... no matter what settings I try, I cannot get both to work, using MSI, I see that the second card is not even trying to enable. There is no longer an option to force crossfire, and AFR does nothing.


      For the amount of money spent on these cards, it would sure be nice for AMD to still support Crossfire in their drivers ...

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          We're investigating an issue with certain profile settings not sticking, this is likely related. I would recommend rolling back to an earlier Crimson or Catalyst driver until we release our next driver. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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