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Crimson 16.1 "no signal"

Question asked by everon on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2016 by waltc

Hi guys, just joined this forum to see if any help is available on the following problem.


I just upgraded to Crimson 16.1 from CCC 15.11.1, used DDU to perform a clean install etc.


The problem I am having is that when I run Steam Big picture on my second screen (TV HDMI) and play Fallout 4 after roughly 5 minutes both screens go off and show "No signal" This probelm never happened when using CCC 15.11.1 so it must be Crimson related.


My primary monitor is an Asus MX279H 27" LED Monitor with IPS Panel connected via HDMI

My second screen is a Samsung 32" H5500 Series TV connected via a Display port to HDMI cable (direct no converter)


My system spec is:

Skylake I7 6700K@4.6ghz

Asus Maximus Hero VIII motherboard

DDR4@ 3000mhz

Asus Fury Strix 4gb

Windows 10 64 bit


I have tried everything I can think of in Crimson but to no avail and at this time I am completely stumped how to resolve the issue other than having to resort to reverting back to CCC 15.11.1


Any help is much appreciated, Jay.