HD 7450: attempting to run dual desktop extension...using dvi to a monitor and the dp out to a matrix to be able to distribute the desktop extension signal to 3 sources.  I cannot seem to get the 7450 to communicate with the matrix switcher...any help?

Discussion created by on Jan 14, 2016

Looking for some help here...I am a former AV designer, and I have never seen a problem where a clear signal is not passed through a device.  The matrix switcher is what I desire to use, and is the best solution; however, I have cheap switchers I have used to daisy chain, and a temporary solution for presentations was found.  I barely got that solution to work as the signal was having trouble with the cheap switchers as well.  I can confirm the issue is not the switchers or matrix.  The signal out to the matrix is displayport run through a converter to hdmi.  When I run this signal directly to a projector via the hdmi converter, it works....when I attempt to run it through the matrix, it fails.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Needed info: win 7 pro, dual radeon hd 7450 (crossfire disabled).