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HD 9750 settings for a HDTV

Question asked by firepro911 on Jan 14, 2016

I upgraded a few months ago from my Dell stock AMD Radeon card to the AMD HD 7950 card. I also upgraded the power supply to a PM850. My TV is a Samsung HL67A750A1F. I use the DVI to HDMI cable and have also named the input port on the TV to PC.


When I had the stock video card in, the picture on the TV was great, though I had to lower the screen resolution on the PC as the TV would flicker on and off. I have the Duplicate the Displays checked under Multiple Displays.


When I installed the HD 7950, the TV picture was still great, though I still had to lower the PC resolution, this time to 1360x768. Well, a few weeks ago, the TV started to flicker no matter what resolution I set. I have been searching Google to try and figure this out.


Today I removed the HD 7950 and reinstalled the stock card again and the TV picture was great again.


Now my PC screen is unaffected by any of this. It always has a great picture.


My TV does have the white dots on the screen as it is a DLP. I have about 7 of them and it means my DLP Chip needs to be replaced. So I am wondering if this could be the cause of the flickering while trying to view the TV as a monitor?


Though the gaming consoles and DirecTV all workfine on it. Only the PC seems to cause the flickering.


I'm running the latest Radeon AMD Software.

TV Problems-4.jpg


This 17 second video shows what the TV is doing.


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