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AMD - Bring back CCC drivers until Crimson is stable.

Question asked by zasy99 on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by zasy99

This is posted direct at AMD.


Please for the sake of everyone here and our sanity bring back the Catalyst Control Center driver releases or at least run CCC in parallel to Crimson for some time until you get Crimson working stable.


Crimson are horrible, look at the forums with all the people complaining.


My own experience:

1.  Crimson nearly fried my GPU, can you imagine, how insane is that, I saved it, thank you MSI AB and manual fan override.  First revision.

2.  Crimson always crashes 1min after boot.  Every Crimson release.

3.  Crimson settings panel freezes and I can't click on anything, have to restart.  Every release.

3.  Crimson now does not wake up my GPU or monitors attached after waking up from standby / sleep.  Thankfully I have at least one monitor connected to an iGPU and can see what i am doing to at least restart PC. Latest release.


I went through 3 months of waiting to get a working CCC driver for my 390x, remember that debacle, now, just a few months after getting that sorted out we get Crimson and you immediately remove CCC that had just started working for us.


Anyone knows that when making such a large change systems should be run in parallel until the new system has proven stable and successful.  As you can see from your own forums and thousands of articles / posts worldwide, it is far from successful.


So again, for everyone's sake, please at least give your millions of AMD users worldwide the option of choosing what works for them and release your driver updates in a CCC and Crimson packages, for at least the next 6 - 12 months.



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