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    295x2 excessive fan usage in idle


      Dear Community,


      I am a proud owner of an 295x2, but I am experiencing troubles with it. Since the release of the new Crimson Driver, I usually have abnormally high fan usage

      in desktop/idle. I have windows 7 64bit, and just did a full driver reinstall (with Display Driver Uninstaller), but the propblem still occurs. I have an up to date driver at the moment.


      The high fan usage is usually waving, from high to very high, and after a restart, it goes quiet for only a few minutes.

      Right after the fan started this issue, I completly cleaned the dust in my pc, but it did not resolve my problem.


      Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution?

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          Are you using the latest Crimson 16.1 Hotfix driver?


          If you are, please try rolling back to Catalyst 15.11.1 which will hopefully resolve this issue.

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              Tried with Crimson 15.30, first without the hotfix, then installed the hotfix, still no good.


              Now I have tried with Catalyst 15.11.1 as you suggested, but the vga still spins up.


              What I noticed is, it is not related to any of the background services, tried to shut them down

              one by one in task manager, and uninstalled Corsair Link too.

              The water cooling module runs totally normal, only the air cooling went goes wild.


              Might be worth mentioning I am using it with win7 64bit. Maybe a reinstall would help my case?

              Or should I dismount the vga and mount it again?