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Can't set monitor native resolution on r9 380

Question asked by on Jan 13, 2016
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After upgrading from hd6670 to r9 380. I found a weird problem. When i connect samsung sync master 2033sw with 1440x900 native resolution it can't be set to 1440x900.

No matter what resolution i set, osd of monitor which can be accesed through button on side of monitor says 1920x1080 66.6khz 60hz.

I tried other monitors with 1600x900 redolution they worked all perfect and my monitor worked perfect on my friends pc also.

Is the problem with gpu or my monitor is not compatible with r9 380.

And one more thing as i connect my monitor a pop shows up on driver, a monitor with higher dpi is connected, use vsr..........

I think vsr is messing up with my display even if it is set to off.

If anyone suggesting fresh driver installation, i had already set up new windows so driver may not be the issue.