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    AMD Driver Installation Freeze Mid Setup


      I'm having issues with a PC I built on the 28th. I have uninstalled GPU drivers and tried re-installing but it keeps going to a black screen at about 14% during drive installation. It then won't reboot into normal mode. I must move to safemode and use DDU to uninstall anything that DID install. I've tried this with the latest driver and the 16.1 Hotfix.



      Here are PC stats.


      Windows 10 Pro x64

      MSI Radeon R9 390

      ASRock Z97 Intel Motherboard

      650W ATX

      Intel Core i5-4690K

      8GB Memory

      1TB WD Blue Drive


      The thing is, it was working fine up until Windows attempted to do an install of sorts and then he went to black screen mid CS:GO Game. Since then, I have not been able to get past installing the driver for the GPU. I can enter safe mode fine, and once I use DDU to completely remove AMD drive, I can then boot normally (of course looks ugly and can't do anything at this point for gaming).


      I've tried using 7zip to extract the 16.1 Crimson, same issue. I don't really know Windows 10 enough to revert back the windows updates, but maybe that is the next step to do???


      Thank you!!