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When will TressFX 3.0 be released?

Question asked by anselmk on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by deedeeyelverton

Hi there,


I have been looking into TressFX 2.2 this week because we need hair/fur rendering for the game we are currently developing, TressFX looks great and it doesn't seem feasible to develop our own system. Unfortunately version 2.2 is too restricted for what we need. Then we found the slides on "Augmented Hair in Deus Ex Universe Projects - TressFX 3.0" where version 3.0 is announced and we want it! On slide 46 it says "Coming soon", but those slides are 10 months old now, so when will "soon" be?


In the "Hair Strands" section (slide 15) they say, that there are "Hair Station" plugins for Maya and 3DS Max. Will those plugins be part of the TressFX 3.0 release or are these plugins proprietary to Eidos and not freely available? If they are not: on slide 47 the "Maya plugin" is presented, which seems to be different from those "Hair Station" plugins. Will there also be a 3DS Max version of that plugin as well and will TressFX 3.0 be usable without that plugin?