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Yet another problem with Crimson Drivers "Upgrade" (two actually, one hardware related, one legacy game related.)

Question asked by lazarusmagni on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by lazarusmagni

First of all my specs:

Linked GPUs:

AMD Radeon HD 8650G

AMD Radeon(TM) HD8970M



Win 10


CPUs (4X):

AMD A10-5750M with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics



16 GB


SSD drive


Ect... pretty standard (by today's specs) decent (not great, but not bad) gaming rig laptop.




Secondly here are the problems:

Every time I update my drivers it turns out to be this hours long ordeal, sometimes resulting in successful updates, and sometimes results in system restores (if I am lucky.)  I have been dealing with this ever since I became a AMD customer 3 years ago (prior to that I was NVIDA.)


Ever since Crimson first came out I have had issues updating (actually I have had issues in the past too, but this is getting ridiculous so it was time for a post). There seems to be an issue with linked adapters, and over all it just does not work right.


The good news is I can now play some high end games like Battle front (although it still lags like hell on the loading screens for whatever reason... and occasionally in game play.)


The bad news is, my oldschool legacy games (which I also enjoy playing sometimes) now look like this: