BloodRiver a sub-800$ rig

Discussion created by tombotnt on Jan 13, 2016


This rig was build to replace my 7yo rig (the black hole). This rig is my first full build and it was ment for everything ranging from browsing the web to streaming games (That's where the name came from river-stream)
My budget limited my choices, but it turned out to be a decent PC.


The cooler is a bit big and it was a little hard to install the MB, but it makes the CPU run pretty cool (It stays at 4GHz in games). The MX-4 thermal compound helped the cooling too.
The 500GB HDD was taken from my old rig. I had a little problem with the 1TB HDD, as it did show up in BIOS, but not in windows (Storage spaces can be a bit messy).
Getting the side panel where the cables are closed wasn't the easiest thing and recquired me to use a little force. The space for cable management is pretty tight in this case.
The system runs Windows 10 Pro (Got it for free from my sister)


After getting everything to run properly, I added some red LED's on the inside of the side panel to light it all up. It also includes a blue LED fan in the front and the PSU light's up white (can be turned of from the inside)

I took the stock zalman fan placed on top of the case, and put it in the front. Later I also added a thin 12cm fan on the top (over the cpu cooler) and connected the fan controler in the case to control the top and bottom front fan (might swap it for top front fan) so that when I close the top panel I can turn the fan off, as it doesn't make any airflow either, just noise


It's not the quietest rig, but it's not loud either. It's actually a LOT quieter than my old PC. When not using any demanding software I turn off the fans connected to the built in controller so it gets a little quieter (doesn't make a huge difference even under load, but when gaming I don't mind the noise, as I always use headphones).


With the mouse, mousepad and shipping the rig turned out at 820$. The PC itself was ~790$

I will also be getting the A4Tech Bloody B314 keyboard to replace the one I have (it's ~10yo and some keys like to get stuck), the keyboard is 1. cheap but good and 2. fits with the other bloody-series products on my desk.


Update: the sapphire R7 370 mini has been swaped for a Asus R7 370, as the shop sent me the wrong GPU (I wanted the dual-fan sapphire) and it later turned out they only have the single fan sapphire's. I also returned the SiliconPower SSD, as it was faulty (disappearing SSD syndrome) and swaped it for a AData SP920. Photos will be updated soon (when I clean my desk up )






CoolerSilentiumPC Fortis-3
MotherboardMSI 970A-G43
MemoryCrucial Ballistix 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 CL9
GraphicsAsus R7 370 directCU strix OC
Disc Drive 1AData Premier Pro SP920 128GB SSD
Disc Drive 2Seagate Barracuda 7200 1TB
Disc Drive 3Seagate Barracuda 7200 500GB
PSUAntec EDGE 750W
CaseZalman R1
MonitorAsus PG191 19'
MouseA4Tech Bloody V8m
MousepadA4Tech Bloody B-081
KeyboardG-series G-717 PS/2 keyboard
HeadphonesSennheiser HD201