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W8100, Problems with Driver Pack 15.201.2401-151104a

Question asked by fcies on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2016 by shawnrw

Hello Everyone,

i have a Problem with the new Driver-Pack.

After 2h working in CAD (not really heavy load for GPU) the 2 displays start to flicker. I have not seen this before when i used the previus driver pack.



I started to try to figure out where the problem is:

I changed the "AMD Accelerated Video Transcoding" driver back to the Verison from the Driverpack 14.502.1045 - after 3h same Problem. -> It is not the new "AMD Accelerated Video Transcoding" driver.


Hopefully someone can help me.


I'm running a Z820 with an Xeon E5 CPU, Windows 7 x86.


Thanks for any help



AFter a few days i figured out that it can be the same Problem described here:



Bad to know that there is no solution so far.