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Black Screen

Question asked by kingeppa on Jan 13, 2016
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I have a MSI Radeon R9 290 card, and experienceing various problems with the driver software.


When downloading and installing the crimson edition, either 15.12 or 16.1 editions, for W 10.

it says that the R9 200 series is the compatible driver. This is true when i update the driver in Device manager as well.


Problem is, every time i turn the computer of and on again it goes completely black after windows login logo.

The way i have to solve this, is to revert to MBDD (Microsoft basic display driver), in windows safe mode, then reinstall R9 200 series.


As this is incredibly annoying and only a temporary solution, and the screen will be full black next time i turn it on,

im reaching out to you to get some help here.




Other related issues i have experienced in this matter:


1. After windows driver update, windows finds Radeon R9 200 series as the newest driver,

but won't switch to it because "it is not the correct software for my comuter".


2. After installing the driver my computer will immediately go black.

I then have to do the same fix as previously mentioned.