ATI Radeon E4690 HDMI port acting as default primary

Discussion created by sayantan.ghosh on Jan 12, 2016

Dear Team,

I designed a display board using ATI Radeon E4690 graphics processor. I configured DPC as HDMI port. I also used DPA, DPE sections. What I am observing is if I extend two displays HDMI acting as primary. I tried all possible combinations of twp displays, second display is only driving if the first one is HDMI. O want to know that is it possible to extend display obtained from DPA & DPE sections simultaneously. DPA,DPC & DPC, DPE this two combinations are coming, but both having DPC (HDMI port) common in it, I want all the possible combination of two displays. please let me know is there is any provision to control it in BIOS.



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