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Playing multiple different games I have white dots flashing across the screen.

Question asked by rnsik on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by rnsik

While researching this I came across a variety of different things. From psu-monitor issues. So I took to the forums myself


     This is my Graphics card and processor, and psu.

     R9 390x (bought 2 months ago, and slightly overclocked)

     AMD fx 6300 6 core (bought 1 year ago)

     ThermalTake SmartSeries 650 watt. (bought 1 year ago)


While running games such as The Witcher 3, Tomb Raider, and GTA V. I will see Flashing white dots, these may be as small as a single pixel, or literally cover the whole screen. I've heard the problem could be insufficient wattage, which is possible, a faulty card, which is unlikely as I JUST bought it, or a faulty monitor, which is also possible as my monitor is three years old. The dots usually take up an arrow shape and I don't know if that can be linked to a software problem, if so please tell me, or if this is just a problem I made as someone putting in their first graphics card (I.E not properly seated in pci-e slot) please tell me so I can fix this problem. I also let my PC run hot if that has something to do with it, I've heard many myths and many people disclaiming those myths so I chose ignorance in the heating. I don't think my card is a problem as research tells my my card performs well in all the games listed above.