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Overdrive and 770 Chipset?

Question asked by bikerbob on Jan 12, 2016



I have been an AMD CPU user since 1994.. and this question will make you think back a ways as well.


I run a vintage 2006 system.


ASUS M3A MB 770chipset

Athlon64 x2 5000+ cpu


I have been playing around lately with OCing the system. Seeing what more I can drag out of it.. (Cash is low )


I wanted to use AMD OVERDRIVE to test things in Windows rather than using the BIOS clocking and rebooting everytime.


Overdrive specs I meet.. 770chipset and 64 cpu.


I can load it up fine, but I get no options. No green circle next to preferences. No active sliders except cpu voltage..


I can benchmark or load test, but I cannot adjust anything.


Anyone know why? I have searched the internet and found nothing that gives me an idea why????