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AMD memory warranty RMA

Question asked by spartan_odyssey on Jan 12, 2016

Hello people. I bought this RAM R748G2400U2S.

The RAM works from time to time, it makes random BSOD on Windows. I made a MemTest86 test, and here are the results:

Report 1:

Report 2:

They report errors on both runs.

I tried to contact AMD for an RMA. First, I contacted through AMD Radeon website and there they told me it was only for RAMs built by Dataram, that my stick was built by Galt. I searched on the internet and on AMD official site for a contact info for this stick, nothing for AMD RAM there. So, I sent an email to and the email will bounce back to me, the email address does not exists.

And now here I am on this forum, creating an account only for this. Where do I need to send my RMA request?. It is a shame that they dont have a good way of contacting they support regarding this new branded memory they sell. Also, they are hard to find on online retailers. I bought from TigerDirect, they dont have it anymore. Also, I contacted Tiger, and they told me to contact AMD :/

The AMD Memory section of the forum says it is blocked


I forgot to mention that the address is the one mentioned in the RAM module, on a printed label there.


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