Metalic Dark

Discussion created by chen_erez5 on Jan 12, 2016


The Rig built with a lot of dedication and love for AMD.

IMG_20160105_134048.jpg  IMG_20160105_134101.jpg IMG_20160112_160152.jpg



CPUAMD FX-9590 Runs at stock clocks
CoolerFractal Design T12 120mm X2 fans
MotherboardAsus Crosshair V Formula-Z
MemoryAMD R9 Gamer Series 2 kits of 2X4GB 2400Hz
Graphics2X Sapphire R9 380 Nitro 4 GB Blackplated Crossfired
Disc Drive 1Kingston Hyperx SSD 120GB (for OS)
Disc Drive 2Kingston Hyperx SSD 240GB (games)
Disc Drive 3Hitachi 500gb hard drive (storage)
PSUHigh Power Direct 12 BR II 1000w 80+ Bronze
CaseAntec P280 with custom 120mm fans
MonitorPhilips 23.6" Led runs at 70Hz