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The tab for Crossfire is gone? where is it gone? 5970...

Question asked by nanofurry on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by amdmatt

Iv done every thing i know and even had a chat with a AMD streamer from Twitchtv AMD streaming channle. and no luck.


iv tied every new driver for CCC and the newest AMD crimson driver and the new Legacy drivers.. it never came back. yet on every part of the pc and every program even the AMD programs can see both GPU's and MSI afterburner can see the temps ect but its never used and AMD software dose not seem to be able to crossfire any more..... im a hard ware tech so iv done every thing i know tryed both two diffrent pc's and still the same problem. and my friend has the same card and has the same problem.. so its not my card its the soft ware and seeing as i dont know about incodeing ect i need help. and yes i know how to crossfire iv had 2x HD 6990s in quad Crossfire.. so i have alot of exp in CF.


PS sorry about my spelling i have dislecxa