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Hydravision Hotkeys

Question asked by enter_name_here on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by amdmatt


First I'd like to say, that I really like the goal Hydravision. I just miss a few ways to customize it, I've also send the following text to the support, as I don't know which way is more likely to end in a positive result for me.


I think, there are a few commands missing which are important. I'd like them to be assignable to a Hotkey. The Hotkeys listed below would drasticly increase the usability - in my opinion.


I would be glad to have a executable file (or something similar) which does the desired action. Such that I can assign them manually.


As a prospect I'd love to see some kind of expert checkbox which allows me to assign hotkeys for Hydravision.


Important Hotkeys for Multi Desktop:

  Move window to desktop x

  Go to desktop x


Less important Hotkeys for Hydragrid:

  Move the current Window - which is adjusted to the Grid - left/right/up/down in the Grid


If you have a suggestion for similar tool which includes those features please share.


Best Regards