Modding PC : For AMD Zen

Discussion created by foramdzen on Jan 12, 2016

Hello, evrybody AMD fans


I think I 'm not in the right forum , but I did not know or post , sorry for moderation


I am a french student, i'm 14 years old, my name is Vincent,

i am sorry for my bad english.


I love amd since I learned the famous time of your Athlon XP ,so i have a project pc modding with my grandfather,


I know in 2016 AMD ZEN will be present, I know it is very important for AMD but for me too,

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I attached my sketch of my project, if you any advice or guidance to give, do not hesitate my friends

Affichage de Croquis.PNG en cours...Affichage de Croquis.PNG en cours...Affichage de Capture.PNG en cours...


I would like a sponsorship for my project , I know I'm very young but it would really my dream to make this mod pc , I understand this is difficult but, I just need a CPU FX ...



Thank you very muc, go all, a great evening