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    Crimson 16.1 drivers update problem - freeze at startup (welcome screen)


      Hi everyone,


      I've just installed Crimson 16.1 and... have some serious problem. After update new drivers I had blackscreen when installation process wanted to reset my system (to apply changes) - before that I received information about successful update. I had to shut down my HP by manual buttom. Then I turned on PC and had 60-80 seconds freeze at startup (Welcome screen). After that Windows 7 appeared and everything  seem to be OK...But when I'm trying to shut down HP I have blackscreen at the end of this process.


      My current notebook description:

      HP dv6 6030ew

      Windows 7 (64) + SP1

      Radeon 6770m + Intel Graphic HD 3000

      Crimson 15.12

      All drivers are up-to-date


      I have also different problem with low GPU clock speed (e.g. Diablo 3 is running at GPU clock 400 MHz - it should be 725 MHz...). The last problem is with all Crimson drivers.


      I will be appreciate for any help

      Best regards,