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I purchased the FX 9590 Water Cooled, now Oculus Rift claims it's not good enough, how is this possible?

Question asked by gamewiz1 on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by gamewiz1

I am trying to find out what's going to be on Offer by AMD for the CPU's, because when I heard the Oculus Rift was coming out soon a while back so I decided I'd remake my pc. I purchased everything top shelf, the FX 9590 with water cooler, the Radeon R9 295x2, AMD RAM at 2400hz, a Samsung SSD at the highest speeds possible, and everything else necessary to run the Rift. But, of course, Oculus is now offering a nice little tool to test my pc to see if it was going to run the Rift, and low and behold, my CPU is supposedly too slow, and they recommend that I upgrade to a quad core i5 at 3.7ghz.  I'm a bit confused at how the i5 cpu is supposedly faster, even though I've always understood that the architecture between AMD and Intel are vastly different, and in that, there has always been information available to explain that there was no way to compare an Intel CPU with an AMD one, because they just do not work the same way. But what's really worrying me here is that since Oculus has recommended a slower intel CPU, even having Windows 10, which was supposed to be seriously great for multicore computers. Is windows 10 not going to make a difference here, and is my CPU really already junk and not fast enough for the Oculus Rift? Is there no plan on making a faster CPU, because I'd really hate having to buy an entirely new PC so soon after building this one, and more so when I can't stand Intel. 


Thanks for any info!